“The Pit Bull Problem” – Are they haters or victims support advocates, make up your own minds…..

“The Pit Bull Problem” is a Facebook group of xenophobic pit bull haters masquerading as a pit bull victims “support” group.

The thing is though if you go to the group and peruse back through their timeline there seems not to be a lot of posts actually focused on or specific too actual victims most of the posts are either celebrating the deaths of pit bulls whether they be police shootings or just straight instances of animal abuse.

Below I’ve Screenshot a typical post from the group just to give people a glimpse into what these people consider to be victims advocacy and support.

Deb Gunchick

Deb Gunchick recommends South Bend Indiana | WNDU 16 | News, Weather, Sports.


Link to post in “The Pit Bull Problem”

Now the comments start to flow pretty solid and contrary to what you’d expect to find in a “support” group these people seem hell bent on killing pit bulls whether it be with guns or various types of poison.

Mihaela Mihaljevic’ Jakic suggest killing the dogs with shovels or baseball bats…..

Kris King advises that she just kill the dogs in question quoting an old pit bull hater favorite “shoot shovel & shut up” meaning to kill the neighbors pets and get rid of the evidence so as not to bring any later incrimination on yourself.

Michael J Boykin asks if he has been hacked not having seen this side if this particular “Victims” advocate.

Sara Bates Haderlie  just advises her to shoot her neighbors dogs & Debbie Wilson proclaims that she would kill them too and honestly this seems to be the common theme with this alleged support group and it’s members.

Von Dunn suggests using measures to muffle the sound of a firearm and advises the woman to make sure she’s a good shot so as to not let the “killers” get away and this is nothing out of character for this particular “advocate”.

Cynthia Neuman  suggests the woman feed the neighbors pets “special meatballs” to “dispose of them & Joe Corp recommends peanut butter laced with poison and again as I’ve said this type of advice is nothing out of the usual in this particular group.

Cynthia once again exposes her true nature with a comment sadly typical of her.

Julie Tran actually kills small animals, cats birds etc and taxidermy’s them if you check out her page she’s an extremely strange person and way up there on the creepy scale and her comment screams nasty nasty nasty when she suggests injecting hot dogs with anti freeze giving little thought to all the other animals that may consume this deadly mix.

Von Dunn supports this advice and even suggests to trap the offending pets in a hog trap and shoot them as I’ve said all of this coming from victims advocates?

Von goes on recommending to dump the bodies of the executed family pets in a swamp so as not to bring suspicion on yourself.

Kenneth Decker is way more subtle than his fellow members of recommends getting a .357.

Dana Cruz is relatively new to the scene but as you can see she catches on quick she advises shooting the neighbors pit bulls and then sue the neighbor for costs.

Gary Steen recommends feeding the neighbors dogs dark bakers chocolate which would lead to an excruciating death after hours of suffering a very cruel method indeed but typical of this group and it’s members.

Pamela Lee Becking suggests that the next time her neighbors pit bulls enter her yard just shoot them and send a stern message to her neighbors which once again seems to be the mindset among this group they seemingly are willing to put the community and it’s wildlife at risk in order to kill their neighbors pets especially if they’re pit bulls.

Reading the group “description” only further confirms that this group is a hate group and not a “support” group as they claim in the first part of their description they vaguely refer to Bsl in the terms of they shouldn’t have to face any legislation for their dogs because of pit bulls which is confusing to say the least.

In the second paragraph she rambles a bit with a vague attack on pit bull owners insinuating that all pit bull owners are “blood sport enthusiasts” which is complete and utter garbage and truly in keeping with the mindset of these people who seem to be fanatics.

Now these next 2 paragraphs get even more confusing and i had to read it about four times and still struggled to understand exactly what they’re trying to say, ie “many states strong and effective dangerous dog laws but those laws don’t address the pit bull problem”, so they’re saying that laws that don’t focus on “pit bulls” are strong and effective?

Then they say in the next paragraph that they have to focus on pit bulls and their mixes indicating they want to make pit bulls and their mixes the targets for extinction.

As you can see they really hate pit bulls and want to make them extinct and as you can see for yourself there’s not a lot of “support” in their description for actual victims.

They even go as far as limiting discussion relating to other dangerous breeds and types as they feel it would be a distraction to their campaign which involves pit bull extinction as opposed to actual victim support….

Admins of the group

Massa EqidiusAaron B WoodJeff BorchardtLorde FaustValerie Brown & Jeff Borchardt


Ken EsadaJ Thomas Beasley & Lew Heifner

I’m unsure how long this group has been active but they’ve not held even one fundraiser or event in support of victims since they started which again confirms they’re not actually a victims support group they’re all pit bull haters or are a part of the “anti pit bull lobby”.

Please i urge you if you visit this group, The Pit Bull Problem under no circumstances should you interact with any of these individuals as they will stalk all your social media presences seeking to find incriminating or embarrassing pictures or information about you.

Typically they will block you after doxxing you and then post all about you in their hate groups in a vane attempt to discredit you and they’ll share pictures of your children Jeff Borchardt in particular is notorious for sharing pictures with infants in them making no effort to disguise the children.

These people engage in media campaigns against both pit bulls and their owners also mass emailing council members and legislators around the country so if you want to do something to counter them simply monitor their groups and pages contacting the same people they do only you can actually send legitimate information supporting your arguments as opposed to the pit bull haters who rely on Merrit Clifton and we all know his so called statistics are garbage follow the link to the google search.

Dogsbite .org equally has been extensively debunked and any news organization quoting them should be contacted and informed of their dodgy reputation and their complete lack of support from either the Canine community or the broader general public.

Please share we need more people to contact the local authorities considering enacting breed specific legislation and inform them about dogsbite and their lies and recommend the “Calgary Model” which has lowered both bite instances and the overall total of dog bite related fatalities everywhere it’s been enacted as it holds all owners equally responsible for the actions of their pets regardless of breed or type…….

More to come…..

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