Jeff Borchardt, anti-Pit Bull hatemonger, is a total misrepresentation of actual reality.

Jeff Borchardt…..


jeff borchardt debate


First of all, this piece states that Mr. Borchardt had “no concern” with the dogs being around his baby. This isn’t true, as he’s stated numerous times that the dogs were to remain kenneled in a yard outside and never to be around his son. Yet, he now blames




ALL dogs for his son’s death and not the actual babysitter who violated his request…




And I’m certainly not saying she needs blamed, but if he’s hellbent on blaming someone in order to process his grief then maybe he should start with focusing on the individuals who were actually involved with Daxton’s death.


susi iwicki daxs killer 2


This babysitter, Susan Iwicki, has now conveniently became as vicious in her sweeping anti-dog ideologies as Borchardt is, which surely comes in handy for the cause of trolling the internet using a multitude of fake profiles to spread hate against all Pit Bulls and all dog owners.


Susi's dogs



Also, in this story Borchardt claims to have not only known and liked the dogs, but talks as if he has all kinds of personal insight into their actual characters Jeff is also lying by calling the dogs “pit bulls” as they were mixed breed.


sussi iwicki bosston boxer mix


sussi iwicki vet report penny boxer x


Source….. daxton-borchardt-policevet-reports


More disingenuous, reconstructed and dressed up nonsense. This is aside from the numerous erroneous factoids he attempts to jam into his last sentence that they air for their piece. Last, it’s claimed that his organization doesn’t seek a ban on Pit Bulls, yet there’s years of his own statements available online that tell otherwise. Represent yourself honestly in public, man!


jeff borchardt dogs taken out



These tactics of inconsistency are always present when the few DogsBite followers (rarely) come out and present their ideas to the non-controlled public. Colleen Lynn does the exact same thing, ramping down her rhetoric to appear only 75% psychotic instead of a raging 125%. Again, be real. It speaks volumes when you can’t be.
FACTS to counter the rubbish in the video interview from MyFOX Chicago:


This is taken directly from the DogsBite website, which isn’t to show that it has any credibility, but rather that it’s the Borchardt-approved story that was put out through their own string of websites. A counter to this story, which is based on the actual police report, can be seen here.
Here’s a statement taken directly from the Daxton’s Friends website (many of his cruder statements appear on Facebook and all over internet comment sections), which backs both dog regulations and dog bans


It’s also stated on this website that 26 different dog breeds are considered (by Borchardt) as “potentially dangerous.” Lol. First off, from his angle (which is to vilify entire breeds and types) this is total bullshit. Secondly, semantically speaking every single dog, as well as any other animal and any other person or object, is “potentially” dangerous.




But anyways, his Daxton’s Friends website sweepingly proclaims that all American Bulldogs, American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Bull Terriers, Miniature Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Great Danes, St. Bernards, Rottwilers, Akitas, Boxers, Alaskan Malamutes, Chows, Dobermans, German Shepherds, Shar Peis, Siberian Huskies, Olde English Bulldogs, Bullmastiffs, Cane Corsos, Dogo Argentinos, English Mastiffs, Fila Brasileiros, Dogue de Bordeauxs, and Presa Canarios are a detriment to public safety and should be regulated. 




Nice guy.
When addressing a control freak like Borchardt I oftentimes speak of the concept of collective blame. Instead of being specific and holding the individuals involved accountable, this concept instead scapegoats massive groups of uninvolved individuals and promotes the erroneous philosophy of precrime

daxtons friendls weekly tutorials on how to dispose of neighborhood pit bulls


Jeff Borchardt displays this way of thinking in absolute spades… Pit Bulls aside, look at screenshot (above) from September of last year where he blames “pro-Pit Bull organizations,” Best Friends, the National Canine Research Council, Animal Farm Foundation, Bad Rap, Pit Bulletin Legal News Network, the ASPCA, the HSUS, the Center for Disease Control Prevention, the American Veterinary Medical Association, Shorty Rossi and the show “Pit Boss,” Tia Torres and the show “Pit Bulls and Parolees,” Cesar Millan and the show “The Dog Whisperer,” and any parent out there who might dare post a photo of their dog with their children onto Facebook for killing his son Daxton Borchardt. You are all to blame!




Below is Borchardt using the phrase “die out” or “bred out,” which alludes to his softer public stance of mandating sterilization laws onto Pit Bulls instead of outright bans. This is what many from the DogsBite cult will speak of now, which allows them to publicly hide their true intent behind the misnomers of caring about any overpopulation,

Pit Bull shelter deaths, or any abuse that any individual dog may suffer at the hands of a person.




Much like PETA, they will say that they are doing it for the dog’s “own good and protection.” 


To the laymen who has no idea either way this presents a picture of a less extreme person who, instead of calling for an eradication roundup, is simply calling for a spay and neuter law with the grandest of intentions. Without any context or background this incredible disingenuousness sometimes goes unaccounted for…




Here is Borchardt “liking” a link to a petition that calls for the banning of ownership of Pit Bulls as domesticated pets, and then once clicked through a fuller screenshot of what that petition entails…





63 signatures…..




And finally, here’s Borchardt saying that he’s going to kill any Pit Bull-type dog that moves into his neighborhood by serving it antifreeze to drink…






I don’t know Jeff Borchardt personally. I certainly have empathy and compassion for him, person to person, in regards to the tragic loss of his son’s life. What he’s went through I wouldn’t wish on anyone, ever. (RIP Daxton)




But sadly, with this issue he’s constantly shown himself to be a reprehensible, classless, ignorant and despicable person who’s allowed his grief to literally turn him into a flagrant monster…..


by Josh


More to come…..


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