Jeff Borchardt is losing it…..

Jeff refuses to accept the dogs involved in the Atlanta fatality were not pit bulls he seems to be throwing a tantrum making meme’s and abusive posts on Facebook…..

As you can see Daxton’s Friends are spreading the lies and disinformation.


“Border Collie” and “Unidentified Breed”

Six or seven hours after the horrific attack on Tuesday — after many news articles were already published, along with photographs and video of the two pit bulls — Fulton County Animal Control relayed information via phone to reporters that the dogs involved in the attack were a pit bull-mix, “border collie” and “unidentified breed.” The police report stated the two dogs involved are a pit bull and pit bull-mix. Fulton County Animal Control alone is culpable for this grave obfuscation.

In high profile fatal dog attacks, we understand that information can initially be relayed poorly or even incorrectly, but in this case it is a sham. The police report states the correct breeds of dogs, a pit bull — the bloody black dog — and a pit bull-mix, the white and black dog. Images of both dogs were captured before, during and after being loaded into the animal control truck. A third dog was also seized by animal control, apparently a poor border collie, but no media images captured it.

Read more:…/dog-bite-fatality-pit-bulls-kill…

Jeff Borchardt
Jeff BorchardtLet’s just put all this “Border Collie” talk behind us. Shall we, pit bull activists? You know deep down this is BS.

Well I doubt we’ll be putting the whole “Border Collie” thing behind us but maybe you can put the whole “pit bull” thing behind you?


Pit bull attack kills one child, injures two in Atlanta – NY Daily News

“Police say three dogs — a pit bull mix, a border collie and the breed of the other is unknown — involved in the attack were not wearing collars and lived near the attack scene, FOX5 reported.”

Jeff just persisted with it in spite of all the evidence…..

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Anti-Pit Bull MemesLike Page

I guess it’s true that only nutters can’t identify pit bulls.

Clark Ay Caramba
Clark Ay CarambaFulton County Animal Services… Mission Statement (from their FB page): Save the lives of lost, abandoned and unwanted pets in Fulton County, encourage on and off-site adoptions, work closely with rescue groups, and assist owners in locating lost pets. (Their mission should include “protect citizenry from loose unwanted domestic animals.” What a travesty… their mission says nothing about protecting school kids from vicious pit bulls. Municipal Fail Atlanta, GA)…/Fultoncountyanimal…/about/…
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These dogs are way too big to be pit bulls as you can clearly see by the pictures a fully grown male pit bull weighs 65 lbs and those dogs are a lot bigger then that?

UPDATE on #Atlanta school children attacked by #pitbulls. A summary, how city is responding & the BORDER COLLIE scam


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Laurel Davis
Laurel Davis a real border collie doesn’t resemble these PITBULLS at all.
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Denise Duirway
Denise Duirway I think a good way to disabuse the Border Collie mix scam (which was shot by Police according to a UK article) is to show how it looks identical to Vick’s notorious Pit bull, Jonny Justice.

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Denise Duirway
Denise Duirway Jonny Justice even had a Stuffy made in his image. I thought the leaves on the tree in one of the pics were spots like a Dalmation, but one of the articles it clearly looks like a Pit bull.

No automatic alt text available.

Denise this is Johnny Justice and you think that dog in the picture is identical to Johnny?


Then in spite of this from news organizations….


Correction: Pit Bull Attack story

 January 19 at 3:33 PM
ATLANTA — In a story Jan. 17 about two dogs attacking children, The Associated Press erroneously reported the breed of dogs involved. The dogs were a pit bull mix and a border collie, not two pit bulls.

It seems Jeff Borchardt’s getting really cranky that no-one is buying his Bs and the real story is getting out as is obvious by the foul mouthed rant on his latest post and in true irony the example he uses in his post leads back to a fatality involving another pit bull “MIX”.

I’m sure by now you all see the pattern of lunacy that takes place here in the US.

1. A child is killed BY PIT BULLS on the way to school.

2. The story rightfully gets national attention.

3. The pit pushers at the local animal control LIE about the breeds involved/create confusion.

4. A zillion fluff pieces are written by these lying sacks of shit for damage control.

5. Things blow over for a while, get quiet.

6. History repeats itself as we wait for the next innocent victim.

Should pit bulls be banned as pets? The debate has surfaced after two young siblings were attacked by their family dog in Durban during the weekend.

And typically Jeff’s proof leads to an article where a pit bull “MIX” has attacked  children…..

“The call for pit bulls to be banned as pets surfaced after two young siblings, a girl (6) and a boy (3), were attacked by their family dog in Durban during the weekend. The girl died of her injuries.

Spokesperson for Rescue Care, Garrith Jamieson, who attended the scene, said he believed the dog that attacked the siblings was a “mixed breed of pit bull and another breed”

Source….. Jeff’s Link

If you add this to the mix though I can understand why Jeff’s in crisis control as this is his source for all of his so called data and statistics and the words out on them now…..


The leading source for disinformation and propaganda that’s why news media networks are waking up to the fact they have been scammed by these fraudsters.

The jig is up Colleen…..

More to come…..

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