The Anti Pit Bull Lobby relies on lazy sensationalist reporting…..

Despite having earned thousands without even helping even one victim is having a fund raiser and Dennis Baker is sharing colleen Lynn’s post.

Where does all that money go if it doesn’t go to victims?

There are just a few days left in our campaign! There is still time to give! All donations received by midnight December 31 are tax-deductible for 2016! For all of you who have contributed and helped during our very first Facebook fundraising campaign — thank you a million times over! I thank our many supporters who shared our campaign on their own page and with their friends too! Just days ago was cited in a news article about a pit bull attack victim ( That article was syndicated out to over 30 newspapers across the United States ( Our voice will be heard and our reach will keep expanding in 2017 thanks to you!   
Federal Way resident Felicia Hambrick was nearly killed in a Tacoma dog attack while protecting her best friend’s baby.

As you can see that’s all it takes one ignorant lazy reporter to quote then their article is picked up by a syndicated publication which then runs to over 30 other publications all perpetrating the ignorance and promoting the disinformation.

Now maybe the author is a busy man but he’s obviously being paid to do a job and to quote is astounding in consideration of their own admission that there site material is not intended to substitute for replace “professional advice”.

“Nationally, pit bulls were responsible for 64 percent of fatal dog attacks between 2005 and 2015, according to, a dog bite victims’ group.”

Source….. The News Tribune

All of these organizations below saw the words “pit bull” and just ran with the story without doing any sort of investigation and/or confirmation whatsoever obviously.

Please list these publications as questionable as they obviously are too lazy to confirm the information in articles prior to publishing.

Sacramento Bee

The Kansas City Star

Washington woman saves baby but is bit 40 … – Charlotte Observer

Washington woman saves baby but is bit 40 times in pit … – Miami Herald

This is the author of the original article and he really needs to do some more research and find a more suitable source for canine related issues particularly dog bite related fatality statistics.

Craig please do us all a favor and do some research mate is not a legitimate source for anything other then propaganda a recent study/investigation revealed over 70% of the dogs they claim to be put bulls are actually mixed breed mutts that quite often don’t even resemble a pit bull.

They’ve even included a boy hit by a train while walking his pet pit bull as a pit bull victim claiming the dog dragged him under the train!!

I know it’s easy to be tricked into thinking they’re legitimate as the site looks legit but believe me it’s not, it’s a scam go to their website and go to the older “statistics” from years past and click on’s “citations” they’re mostly expired media links the whole site is a scam.

more to come…..

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