and their Dangerous Advocacy Exposed

I find it extremely puzzling and somewhat distressing that elected officials and government officials alike continue to quote statistics from the scam website called

By their own admission admittedly it’s hidden away in the site terms section they have absolutely “NO PROFESSIONAL ADVICE”……




Colleen Lynn created Dogsbite following an incident in which she startled a dog while she was jogging and the dog bit her and as the dog looked like a pit bull in her opinion her crusade to have pit bulls become extinct while helping to maintain her lavish life style including restaurants and plenty of red wine.


Now her Media company Lynn Media is the provider for the three main players in the campaign to enact breed specific legislation in spite of knowing full well that breed specific legislation has little to no discernible affect on dog bite fatalities according to numerous studies conducted and published around the world.


Breed-Specific Policies: No Basis in Science : The Humane Soc

Toronto’s pit bulls are almost gone. So why are there more dog bit

The Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics Behind Dog Bites – Huffingto

Failure to Improve Safety | Stop BSL

Relationship between breed-specific laws and dog bites unclear


Now it seems a little reckless that an organization that freely admits to having had no “professional advice”




To then go ahead and release a “safety” brochure to the public seems as though it may be dangerous…..




The irony is the only  person being helped by the public donations seems to be Ms Lynn as you’ll notice the public have to “download’ and print their own brochures and considering their admissions as to receiving no “professional advice” that seems a bit dangerous but the big question is where do all the donations go?





As you can see they spend nearly thirty thousands dollars on programs apparently and only just over 2,200 dollars goes to Lynn Media for their hosting?




No programs well where does all the money go then if the public has to download and print their own brochures where does all the money go?

Nearly 41,000 dollars in donations, gifts and grants surely it doesn’t all go to Culleen?


more to come…..





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