Pit Bull or Media Pit Bull ?

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In the “pit bull attack” story below, notice how the “breed identification” dilutes as the article progresses: From “PIT BULL” in the headline–to pit bull mix about half way through the article–to “pit bull husky mix” near the end.

Dog Tries To Shield Boy From Pit Bull Attack
POSTED: 11:41 am EST December 29, 2004 UPDATED: 5:23 pm EST December 29, 2004

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Should Some Dog Breeds Be Banned?

A witness said the boy was on a pogo stick on Gadsen Boulevard off Curry Ford Road when the pit bull mix jumped on him, biting the boy’s arm, neck and ear, WESH NewsChannel 2 reported. The attack occurred at about 5:30 p.m. Tuesday. After the dog bit him, the boy ran screaming into Gloria Perez’s house. “He was just screaming, crying, ‘Don’t let him get me again.’ He was in total shock and awe, and when we finally got his shirt off, we noticed it wasn’t saliva.

It was blood,” Perez said. The child’s wounds could have been much worse, according to Perez, if it hadn’t been for her dog, Chuchi, who came to the rescue. Chuchi put herself between the attacking dog and the boy. Chuchi, a German ShepherdChow mix, suffered a bite to her paw. “If it wasn’t for that one instance where she jumped in and took a couple of bites, he wouldn’t have made it in my door,” Perez said. Perez hit the pit bull mix with a broom several times and got the dog to release the boy.

The dog then came at her, so she hit him again. The dog went after the boy one more time, but he was able to avoid the dog. At that point the dog left, according to a police spokesman. Perez said Chuchi loves children and is used to playing with them. She said she knows her dog would defend her own daughter and isn’t surprised she came to the rescue of a neighbor boy. Several neighbors were able to identify the dog to officials, and Orange County Animal Services has the dog, which is a male, pit bull-husky mix named Kilo, in custody.

“We are looking into possibly quarantining the animal for 10 days so that we can see if there’s any development of rabies. We are looking into that. We might just euthanize the animal. An animal like this is clearly not an adoption candidate. It’s nothing that you can put out to the public again. The fate of this animal, ultimately, will be euthanasia,” said Vanessa Bouffard-Sehl of Orange County Animal Services. The dog’s owner, Sonya Soto, has been cited for severe injury, nuisance aggressive and animal at large. The fines total about $400. Soto and several neighbors said the dog escaped from its backyard frequently.

All dogs must be on a leash or restrained in Orange County. The boy is recovering at home. He has a badly bitten arm in a sling and puncture wounds to the head.

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