Daxton’s Friends is spreading anti pit bull propaganda!!

Meet Jeff, Jeff hates pit bulls!!!

Jeff Borchardt’s whole hate campaign started with a lie with him blaming pit bulls for the death of his son when in reality the dogs that attacked his son were “boxer mixes” according to their vets reports……..

The dogs were taken away from their mother at 4 weeks old and then spent their life either in a pen in the back yard or a crate within the house…..

The dogs were siblings this is Penny’s report as you can see “boxer mixes” meaning they were mutts essentially and there’s actually a cautionary alert on her report saying she’s reactionary…..

The male dog Bosstons vet report and once again “boxer mixes”…..

Shortly after his son’s death Jeff Borchardt posted on social media using his Dj Facebook page that he was going to poison his neighbors dog with anti freeze if it looks like a pit bull……

Then he lashed out in frustration with veil threats of killing peoples pets…..

Then there was the whole peanut butter thing where he told a 12 year old girl to “smear her pussy with peanut butter and jump into bed with her pibbles……

He later apologized for his comments but it was too little too late for most people as he seems to be excusing his own behavior more so then actually apologizing to the victim…..

He now claims it was a beat up orchestrated by the infamous and mythical pit bull lobby he often rant and raves about being behind the opposition to breed specific legislation…..

The fact is Jeff doesn’t try and hide the fact that he hates pit bulls, pit bull owners & anyone who advocates for the breed…..

Jeff created a non profit in his son’s name to honor the child and it basically is a lie filled hate fest on both pit bulls and their owners…..

In response to the fact that man biters were automatically culled by fighting men in the past Jeff posts a dogsbite.org blog claiming the John P Colby the famous dogman’s nephew was killed by one of his fighting dogs.

As you can see Jeff claims the dog involved in the attack on his nephew was not only kept alive but formed the foundation stock of Colbys line of fighting dogs to this day.

This is John P Colby and no he didn’t cull any of his fighting dogs following the death of his nephew because none of them were involved in the child’s death…..

Not many people are aware that the Colby’s also kept “Boston Terriers” at that time too and they were a lot bigger way back then (picture of a Boston from that era not the dog involved in the fatality)…..

The young boy was actually attacked by one of the Bostons chained in the Colby’s yard and had been scolded many times for “annoying” the dog prior to the attack the dog finally reacted by grabbing the child and breaking his spine…..

Source….. chroniclingamerica.loc.gov

And the second part as you can see chained dog and young child sometimes = tragedy …..

Source….. chroniclingamerica.loc.gov

I’m not sure where Jeff got his false information from but as you can see my source is a local government archive in America but I can say it typifies all I’ve come to learn about this man who consistently lies and promotes dangerous disinformation as fact.

The whole Bsl proponent campaign is based on cyber bullying, lies, disinformation and propaganda and a fair bit of it comes from this man among his many Facebook pit bull hate groups and pages and in reality he has little choice but to engage in this kind of deception as he has no real credible science or verified data supporting his position in relation to pit bulls.

There’s even suspicion him and his people may have been involved in a number of animal abuse cases surrounding suspicious deaths of pit bulls.

more to come…..

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