Pit bull Hater Hypocracy investigate them both?

So colleen thinks there should be an investigation into Mr Weiner following his texts to a 15 year old girl and to be honest I agree 100% is just a shame she seems so selective with her causes as one of her own cult made a similar mistake and she still supports him?

I think a criminal prosecution is in order. I am tired of reading about this disturbing person.
Disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner told FoxNews.com Wednesday he knows he has a problem after his never-ending sexting scandal reached a new low…

Yet Colleen Lynn obviously thinks it’s okay to tell a 12 year old girl to “smear her twat” with “peanut butter” and let her pibbles lick it off like her friend Jeff Borchardt….

The Comment…..

The Apology…….

Despite posting this apology for his comments he now claims it was a set up by the infamous “Pit Bull Lobby” indicating this guy has no remorse for making the comment and refuses to accept responsibility for his own actions much the same as he’s trying to blame the rest of the world and pit bulls for his own poor choices  which resulted in his son’s death. (RIP Daxton).

Jeff Borchardt also posted this comment about having zero tolerance for pit bulls and will feed his neighbors pet anti freeze if it looks like a pit bull and it’s all good with Colleen too…..

If you want a true indication of the type of people that promote breed specific legislation just check out the comments that followed when the Mix Master Bogart (Jeff Borchardt) exclaimed he was going to poison neighborhood pets for looking like pit bulls.

Please don’t be fooled into accepting anything these people say as being even remotely factual they are by their own admission extremely bias against pit bulls and they willingly seek to promote lies and disinformation in order to cause pit bulls to go extinct.

This woman is a fraud she claims to be an expert whereas in truth she’s a failed phone psychic come media mogul making her living off the deaths of hundreds of thousands of pit bulls each year.

more to come…..

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