Media mislabeling Pit Bulls again or still depending on how you look at it? #notapitbull

Now here we have another example of media using “pit bulls” to sensationalize a story.


Lnk to news story….. Target 8 News

Obviously someone at a shelter identified this dog as a “Pit Bull” in spite of the obvious fact it’s a mixed breed mutt, a good looking mutt but a mutt none the less.


I’m sorry “Georgie” no offence but you are not a “pit Bull”, Cane Corso or Bulldog mix maybe or something similar…..


While I applaud your initiative and outrage over this incident a child was injured and a dog lost it’s life due to the ignorance of humans yet again.

Umm Steve this is an “American Pit Bull Terrier”


It’s this type of both ironically lazy and sensationalist reporting that feeds the pit bull stereotypes around the world and unfortunately America leads the field with Media outlets willing to use the buzz words “pit bull” in order to try and save a flailing organization.

Is this an honest mistake or is Steve a member of pit bull haters anonymous?

Steve’s commentary & narrative of the short grainy video seems to show the ball bounce near the dog the child approaches the dog lunges and makes contact with the baby and knocks the child to the ground and stops at which time an adult appears and grabs the dogs leash.

The first grainy screen shot the dog is startled and lunges at child…..


The attack near mauling was in actual fact a “lunge” at the child leaving him with relatively minor injuries, yes it could have been far worse but the fact is it wasn’t as the dog wasn’t attacking it lunged yes but barely made contact obviously judging by the fact the child had minor injuries and when the adult grab the dogs lead it was already standing still looking at the child sitting on the floor.

The dog stops just before the adult arrives and the child in blue can be seen sitting up on the floor in front of the dog…..


The adult arrives the child is sitting on the floor and the dog is looking at the child…..


It’s time for Media outlets to hold their reporters to higher levels of scrutiny this dog clearly is not a pit bull, even the news station agrees as the news header reads “DOG ATTACK”, come on Steve lift your game “Georgie” wasn’t a “Pit Bull”.he was way too big for a start.

( R I P Georgie)

more to come…..


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