; they hate pit bulls the owner’s bias…..’s site terms page has been removed from the site……



Now if you look at the “copy &paste” from dogsbite below youll see their dog bite fatality statistics as corelated by Merrit Clifton from media reports. If we subtract the alleged pit bull victms (238) from the over all total (360) victims that leaves 128 victims over a decade.

Let’s put that into perspective one child or elderly person is killed each and every month by non pit bull type dogs and breed specific legislation totally ignores these victims and does nothing to prevent another 128 in the coming decade too.


“””In the 11-year period of 2005 through 2015, canines killed 360 Americans. Pit bulls contributed to 64% (232) of these deaths.”””





And a quick examination of dogsbite’s policies does nothing to dispel the assertion that the site is more focused on killing pit bulls then helping victims.


Policies we support

  1. Pit bull ban
    A breed ban is the most proactive policy that can be undertaken concerning the pit bull problem. A ban saves the most human lives by preventing attacks before they occur. By prohibiting pit bull breeding, a ban also saves countless pit bulls from systematic euthanasia. Cities as large as Denver and Miami have adopted pit bull bans. Pawtucket recently released data showing the dramatic success of their ban.
  2. Mandatory spay/neuter
    Cities and animal advocates that truly seek to address the overpopulation of unwanted pit bulls must enact a mandatory pit bull sterilization policy. In 2014, over 700,00 pit bulls were projected for euthanasia by Animals 24-7.4 San Francisco’s pit bull sterilization ordinance has produced strong results by reducing euthanasia rates and damaging bites.5 More California cities and counties have followed suit.
  3. Identification and liability insurance
    Breed-specific legislation regarding pit bulls should always have the inclusion of mandatory micro-chipping and liability insurance, we recommend $300,000 at minimum. If a dog is unidentifiable, its owner cannot be identified for civil or criminal recourse. If an owner holds insufficient levels of liability insurance, the victim’s medical bills, loss of income and rehabilitation expenses cannot be recovered.
  4. Prohibit felons from ownership
    Pit bulls were selectively bred for an activity that is now a felony in all 50 states: dogfighting. Pit bulls are the “chosen” breed for drug dealers, gang members and other violent offenders and as such, make up the vast majority of dogs shot by police officers.6 Convicted felons do not have the right to own a firearm, nor should they have a right to own a dog breed easily deployed as a “deadly weapon.”





Responses to’s policies…..


1.Pit Bull Ban

Now despite claiming to be a victims advocacy they attack pit bulls specifically virtually ignoring all other breeds and given that more then 30 breeds and types of canine have been involved in fatal attacks on humans this seems strange.

Breed bans don’t work and it’s well known among the animal and victims advocacy world that the surest way to prevent the maximum amount of these tragic deaths is the “Calgary Model” which has lowered not only dog bite instances but fatalities too.

The fact is the Miami breed ban may well be lifted as it’s being reveiwed at the moment. & the Pawtucket Pit Bull ban has been lifted because it didn’t work.


2.Mandatory spay/neuter


We don’t support mandatory spay and neuter programmes but we do encourage all responsible owners to neuter their pets giving the pets a longer healthier life regardless of type or breed.


3. Identification and liability insurance


Once again we don’t support mandatory chipping and/or neutering of peoples pets but encourage owners  of all breeds and types of dogs to do so equally with insurance we can’t support any policy that focuses on any specific breed or type as it ignores dog bite related deaths by breeds/types not targeted.

In the 11 year period from 2005 to 2015 non banned breeds attacked and killed 128 people mainly children and the elderly and if Bsl is enacted we can expect another 128 deaths in the decade to come…..


4. Prohibit felons from ownership


Once again a policy focused squarely on pit bulls shouldn’t this be the same for all medium to large type or breed of dog.




The fact is this site in spite of claiming to be a victims advocacy offers no victims programs or services other then a directory to dog attack attorneys.


more to come…..


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