is a scam

Is it really any wonder that the broader animal and scientific community rejects as a legitimate victims advocacy as they insistently promote lies and disinformation as facts and they freely admit to having “NO PROFESSIONAL ADVICE”



What do these dogs have in common? All “American bulldogs” from Miami-Dade County, Fla. that killed in last 14 months. “A rose by any other name…”

Jocelyn Winfrey
53-years old | New Haven, Connecticut
June 27, 2016 (Owner relocated from Miami-Dade County)

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Well this is just one of the parlor tricks Culleen plays on her relatively tiny group of followers claiming that dogs which clearly too big to be pit bulls are pit bulls.


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 So where do all the donations go if people have to download and print their own alleged safety brochures and what person in their right mind would take safety advice from an organization that gets no professional advice?????

Part I of III: The story of Emily Ruckle, a pit bull attack survivor. Emily was hospitalized for 32 days, required 12 surgeries over two years and caused $3 million in medical bills. Please share!

The attack hospitalized Emily Ruckle for 32 days, led to 12 surgeries over two years, and caused $5 million in medical bills.

 The dog involved in the attack on Emily was 100 lb and American Pit Bull Terriers don’t grow that big so the dog involved obviously was not a “pit bull”



The irony in all of this is that legislators, law makers  & politicians alike seem comfortably using as a source in spite of the fact the organization has absolutely no experts on their pay role nor do they receive any “PROFESSIONAL ADVICE”




Any government officials & news media companies still using this scam site as a source be warned you will face the consequences of your actions as you’ve been duly notified of the situation so should you still choose to quote these deceptive organizations then expect to be sued.


more to come…..


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