The Anti Pit Bull Propaganda Machine Revealed : Part 1., Animals 24/7 & Daxton’s Friends none of which are accepted and/or supported by even one legitimate animal or legal organization in the world.

First we have Colleen Lynn from Dogsbite, now she has absolutely no formal training and/or education in Canine science and or behaviors nor does she have any formal training in data gathering and/or correlation.

Colleen is an ex failed phone psychic come media mogul with absolutely no credibility in either the animal or science worlds and her ramblings have been extensively debunked on many occasions……

Unethical Website of the Month: Dogsbite.Org | Ethics Alarms



And then we have Merrit Clifton from animals 24/7 a washed up second rate journalist with no formal training and/or education in data gathering and statistic generation through correlation.

He was canned from his editors job and created his own website and claims to be an experienced and accepted statistician which is a load of nonsense he gather information from media reports and does little to no actual investigation to either confirm or support his claims.

Merrit also claims support from the broader scientific community but nothing could be further from the truth the fact is this dispensable individual is making a living off the deaths of hundreds of thousands of pit bulls, he’s a hack!

Merrit Clifton Debunked

And then we have the drug selling drunk driving pedophile Dj from Wisconsin who seems to be the poster boy for Breed specific Legislation the self proclaimed pit bull expert.

First there was his post about poisoning neighborhood pets with anti freeze if they look like pit bulls…..

Then there was the whole “peanut butter” incident involving a 12 year old girl where he told her to smear her “pussy” with peanut butter and let her mauler lick it off…..

The irony of all this is the dogs involved in the death of Jeff’s son Daxton (RIP Daxton) were actually listed on their vets reports as “Boxer mixes” and in spite of the claims they were loved family pets the reality was they lived in a pen in the yard or a crate in the house?

Jeff has 5 Facebook accounts he uses to bully and stalk anyone that exposes his lies and disinformation …..

You may have noticed there’s even a Facebook page dedicated to victims of Jeff Borchardt…..

The internet is abound with information exposing these haters for what they are…..

DEBUNKING JEFF D BORCHARDT: Killing an Innocent dog

Anyone of average intelligence can quickly realize that these people are clearly not public safety advocates they are hiding their vindictive pit bull extermination campaign behind the noble cause of victims advocacy whereas these people make more victims then they could ever possibly hope to help.

If you ask them how breed specific legislation will help to prevent another 128 victims of non pit bull types dogs in the coming decade too they immediately attack you and label you as a pit bull loving baby hating inbred redneck imbecile criminal junky of lower merit to the community.
You’ll also be labeled as a victim basher if you even mention breed neutral legislation such as the “Calgary model” which has been shown to lower actual dog bite fatalities and instances of attack where ever it’s been enacted.

I’ve been attacked and ridiculed by these people for simply speaking for all dog bite victims and not just pit bull victims these people are not public safety advocates they are pit bull haters and they are willing to sacrifice another 128 victims in the coming decade to non pit bull type dogs in order to achieve pit bull extinction, are you?

This is what they call public safety advocacy don’t be their next victim step up and contact your local Government representatives and ensure they’re not listening to the lies and propaganda being promoted as fact by these nasty people…..

more to come…..

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