Disclaimer acknowledges “no professional advice”!

How is it that legislators around the world continue to quote and cite dogsbites so called “statistics”?


Which are little more then fanciful ramblings from washed up ex journos with out one legitimate animal/canine expert on staff at the organization how is it these nincompoop legislators continue to use their garbage claiming it to be legitimate and factual whereas one only has to visit the site and check out the “site terms” section which is extensive.


First there’s the “Disclaimer” which speaks for itself they take absolutely no responsibility for any harm coming to anyone from using “facts and info’ off their site?


Then they go on to deny any liability for any of the information or advice contained on their site?



Then they admit they have no “professionals” and basically don’t favor their information over an actual experts advice?




Individuals have donated over $40,000 to dogsbite and what “programs” are they running the short answer is none according to their reporting?




The strange part is these non existent “programs” seem to be an extreme burden on the dogsbite’s fiscal position and one has to wonder whether dogsbite is paying Merrit clifton for his juvenile media summaries he calls “reports” and calls them “studies” pmsl!!!!!?




So they’ve spent $29,482 on these non existent “programs” and so how much success have these “programs” actually enjoyed?



Well it seems they’ve had absolutely no success as they’ve shown their pension for bragging about all their wins regardless of how minute they are so it’s safe to say if they’d of had anything even resembling success in any of their alleged “programs” we’d be the first to know all about it.




The fact is colleen is an ex phone psychic that turned her hand to advocacy as a way to make a living when her psychic exploits went belly up and this site is little more then a cash cow she’s milking to maintain her lavish lush lifestyle at the expense of millions of innocent pit bulls and their owners.




The numbers seem poorly reported and the requirements for reporting don’t seem to be adhered to and they lobby legislators and law makers which is clearly not allowed by non profits.


Source…. Guidestar


more to come…..





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