Dogsbite org – not a credible source for dogbite statistics extremely bias toward pit bulls and using deceptive methods and practices …..

A recent investigation into Dogsbite dot org has revealed either they don’t know the true meaning of the word “citations”” or they’re being intentionally deceptive by misrepresenting their evidence and ignoring victims of non pit bull type dogs.

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Now as you can see by the screen shot above directly from Dbo shows that 128 Americans died while the witch hunt has been going on against “pit bulls” quietly in the back ground rarely spoken of one person per month each and every month over a decade has died as the result of an attack involving non pit bull type dog/s.

As you see below the amount of faith they actually have in their own content and it goes on in another paragraph below the one you see here.


Your use of this Site, the Site Materials and the services provided on or through the Site (the “Services”) is at your own risk and are provided “as is”, without warranties of any kind. DOGSBITE.ORG does not represent or warrant that the Site or the Site Materials are absolutely error-free. Some information published at this Site may be inaccurate two weeks to two years from now. Content, sources, information and links change over time. DOGSBITE.ORG is not responsible for typographical errors or omissions. Reference to any products, services, programs or other information, by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, supplier or otherwise does not constitute or imply endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation thereof, or any affiliation therewith, by DOGSBITE.ORG. To the fullest extent allowed by the law, DOGSBITE.ORG expressly disclaims any and all warranties, conditions and other terms, either express or implied, statutory or otherwise.

The disclaimer certainly is of no surprise as a study revealed not one of the
“citations” listed as supporting an attack article in the first sampling from the site involving a fatal attack in January 2015 actually led to any information regarding the attack whatsoever.

2015 dog bite fatality citations ::

Dog bite-related fatality citations are gathered through news reports at the time of the occurrence or located through Internet archival services. Copies of news articles are available upon request.
  • Ike Wilson, “85-year-old still delivering milk in 18-wheel trailer,” The Frederick News-Post, January 28, 2013 (
  • “Frederick Co. Man Eugene Smith Mauled to Death by Family Pit Bull,” NBC Washington, January 7, 2015 (
  • Clarence Williams, “Frederick man mauled, killed by his own dog as he took down the family Christmas tree,” Washington Post, January 7, 2015 (
  • “Frederick man fatally attacked by pit bull,” WUSA 9, January 7, 2015 (
  • “Elderly Md. Man Mauled to Death by Family Pit Bull,” CBS Washington, January 7, 2015 (
  • “Rescued Pit Bull Kills Owner, 87, As He Takes Down Christmas Tree, Dog Euthanized,” Inquisitr, January 7, 2015 (
  • Paige Jones, “87-year-old Frederick man dies after being attacked by family’s pit bull,” The Frederick News-Post, January 8, 2015 (
  • “Md. dog attack victim loved animals,” WUSA 8, January 7, 2015 (
  • (Update) Paige Jones, “87-year-old Frederick man dies after being attacked by family’s pit bull,” The Frederick News-Post, January 8, 2015 (
  • Jeremy Arias and Paige Jones, “Animal Control: Pit bull that killed 87-year old Frederick man had no prior history,” The Frederick News-Post, January 9, 2015 (
  • “Dog fatally attacks man taking down Christmas tree,” WBAL-TV, January 9, 2015 (
  • “Investigation continues in fatal pit bull attack,” Herald Mail Media, January 12, 2015 (
  • Dan Rodricks, “In Frederick, a tragic reminder of pit bull ruling,” Baltimore Sun, January 10, 2015 (

If you click on the “available upon request” link it takes you to their contact us page soliciting donations etc etc…..

Contact us :: is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity organization dedicated to reducing serious dog attacks. We are located in Austin, Texas. Please contact us via email or snail mail.


General Information
Media and Press
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Safety Brochures
Abusive and/or deceitful emails are subject to being published in full. Learn more.

P.O. Box 12443
Austin, TX 78711


Maybe the owner of dogsbite should familiarize themselves with the true meaning of the word “citation” as technically what they’re claiming are “citations” are nothing more then “expired” media links.




1. the quoting of a book or author in support of a fact
2. passage or source cited for this purpose
3. listing or recounting, as of facts
4. (Military) an official commendation or award, esp for bravery oroutstanding service, work, etc, usually in the form of a formalstatement made in public
5. (Law) law

a. an official summons to appear in court
b. the document containing such a summons
6. (Law) law the quoting of decided cases to serve as guidance toa court
citatory adj
Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged, 12th Edition 2014 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2014

Seems possible that they’re intentionally misleading the public as there’s plenty of evidence indicating their sources are less then credible with thousands of results in the google search.

No automatic alt text available.

The owner of dogsbite was attacked by a dog she believed was a pit bull and subsequently created her non profit organization creating, supporting and promoting breed specific legislation despite admitting it doesn’t have any discernible affect on the over all fatality statistics nor does it do anything to avoid the 128 deaths involving non pit bull type dogs in the last decade and seem willing to sacrifice these victims in order to get vengeance on pit bulls thus all but ensuring another 128 victims in the decade to come too.

more to come…..

3 thoughts on “Dogsbite org – not a credible source for dogbite statistics extremely bias toward pit bulls and using deceptive methods and practices …..

  1. Colleen Lynn of ‘dogsbitedotorg’ is on a mission to eradicate all pitbulls and she doesn’t care how many lies she has to tell to do it. Pathetic wench.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pitbulls are land sharks. Whether statistics are skewed or not only a disillusioned individual would deny that they do the most damage (by dogs) nation wide.


      1. So you should have no problem posting your “proof” then? Please post your proof that “any” dog bite related fatality involving a confirmed American Pit Bull Terrier? NB. By “proof” I mean legitimate paperwork not hearsay or opinion, I’ll wait!


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